Find that 1 Euro flight you were looking for

9/25/2007; 3:54 PM

How many times have you seen flights advertised for €1 on the Ryanair site and you ended spending the whole morning look for a flight that doesn't exist? Wouldn't you just love to have a website that finds you the cheapest fare without having to enter a date. I've just found a site that does just that. Skyscanner.

Skyscanner doesn't even need you to specify a city, you can specify a whole country. Say for example, I want to travel from Ireland to Poland in November. Here's what I get.


Say now I decide to fly to Krakow from Dublin. Voila! I get a bar graph of the whole month with all the prices of all airlines flying from Dublin to Krakow.



Another site that offers similar functionality is Momondo. Momondo can help you find:-

  • WHEN to go WHERE you want
  • WHERE to go WHEN you want

Momondo is similar to Skyscanner however I preferred the latter site for ease of use. Having said that, when looking for the cheapest flight from Finland to Malta Momondo was the one to find it because Skyscanner didn't provide the search option. Trabber did find alternative flights but they weren't as competitive. The positive thing of Trabber is that it offers the option to change days more easily than Momondo.

If you're interested to know who flies where, then FlightMapping.Com will give you all the flight maps from the UK and Ireland. Airfare watchdog also has a list of links to route maps in airline websites. Again Momondo and Skyscanner offer this functionality.

1098. babli on 6/3/2008

from shannon to london

1099. babli on 6/3/2008

from shannon to heathrow 19 of june

1219. summerpiano on 10/3/2009

1220. sioux on 11/11/2009

from thessaloniki to prague in november

1243. lucinda0725 on 4/28/2011

1244. lucinda0725 on 4/28/2011

I want to go Germany~ hamburg or lubeck or Munich in june` is there have 1 Euro flight from barcelona to anywhere anytime~ just tell me~ please~!thank you !

1255. dimitrivolos on 1/4/2012

i want to go to london for 3 people in august 2012. thank you!

1263. colette on 6/10/2013

spain in july

1264. colette on 6/10/2013

1268. sandyby on 8/27/2013

30.january 2014, from Budapest to Rome or to Catania,return date 6.february 2014 from Rome or Catania to Budapest.Instead of Budapest it could be Belgrade.....Dates could be +/- day or two.....I would like to find those 1 Euro tickets.


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