Which is the most popular social network site in your country?

12/17/2007; 3:13 PM

The numbers speak for themselves – Social Networking Sites are popular all over the world.

  • In 90 (79%) countries a major social networking site features in the top 10 sites of that country.
  • In 19 of these countries, the social networking site is the highest ranking site in the country – ranking higher than any search engine.
  • From a sample of 116 countries only 2 (Taiwan and Vietnam) didn’t include a popular social networking site in the list of the top 100 websites.

The popularity of social networking sites is no surprise, and several statistics (1, 2, 3) have been published about the major social networking sites like facebook and myspace. There are however few reports on the use of these sites by geographic region. The only geographic distributions I came across were from Comscore, the Social Network Sites paper published in JCMC, and ValleyWag .

Using the Many Eyes platform I created three different visualizations of the most popular SN sites used in each country. The data used for determining the country popularity was collected from Alexa ratings. For more information on how the data was extracted see – how to collect geographic website rankings from the internet.

The world map is a colour coded map with each social networking site represented in a different colour. Where data wasn’t available, the country border is not displayed. If you click on a site from the list on the right, the countries that use that site are highlighted.

This second display shows a rectangular table display (treemap) of the data divided either by social networking platform, or by country. To alter between the displays reorder the treemap hierarchy by dragging the ordering on top of the visualization display.

The third visualization shows the ranking of the social network sites, and the number of internet users in each region. In the darker coloured regions, social networking sites ranked higher than other websites. The size of each rectangle is proportional to the number of internet users in the country, the bigger the rectangle, the more users there are.

Which visual representation of the data set do you prefer, and why? Do you think that one of the displays is superior to the others? Can you think of other different ways to present this data graphically? The aim of this exercise is to display some interesting data using Many Eyes and stimulate discussions on the different visualizations and data presented.

If you’d like to voice your comments, comment on the specific visualization by clicking the comment link in the respective visualization. The data used to generate the results is freely accessible on the Many Eyes site. You can use the uploaded data to create other visualizations in Many Eyes. After all, if you reply with a picture it’s like you’re writing a thousand words, isn’t it.

1111. Yukii on 6/26/2008



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