Motivational reading to start the day

11/28/2007; 6:51 PM

After reading the paypal mafia article (via GeekBaazar) and the biography of John Finkel Jonny Magic and the card shark kids I realised how positively influenced I am when reading about high achieving people. After reading these articles my mind starts rushing, ideas flow and I feel an urge to create something and achieve greatness.

In light of this observation I've got a resolution for this week:-

Start the day by reading something about a star performer, maybe an enterprenuer, a best-selling author or an influential programmer.

If anybody has any such articles please feel free to suggest. I will try to post the list of articles I read during the week on the blog.

967. Cheetah80 on 11/30/2007

I am spending my time reading about the political disasters in African over the last 50 years ... maybe it is my unconcious trying to deal with the disasters at work - I mean reading about much more serious mishaps helps brings things into perspective :)


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