My First Time

4/27/2004; 5:49 AM

At the office, highly influenced by blogging hype and with nothing worth spending time upon, I decided to start blogging. I'm fresh from my first holiday (probably last) this year, spent with my friends in Scotland. My Scottish mood was radiant (Scotland itself a little bit less) and I've spent 8 out of 11 days laughing. As soon as I stepped on the first tile of the airport a snowball of negative things trampled me. We've got a saying on the rock I live in 'After laughter there is weeping'.

  • my work is tied on a string
  • my work pal quitting work
  • PC can't start up
  • TV is broken

Do you understand why I started this blog? � I've got nothing else to do and I look busy typing at work!

It always amazes me that I am willing to write whenever I'm sad. I am a great fan of holiday diaries but I never managed to keep a personal diary. On my first post I'm already wondering whether I'll manage to keep this going. Be prepared I've got a highly inconsistent personality so please don't mind haphazard thoughts/moods, irregular posts and grammatical mistakes.

1253. Busco Casa on 10/23/2011

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