Late Happy Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2005

This is just a small proof that I'm alive ... HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to anyone who stumbled on this page.

Day update

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

10.20: Browse mindspill for replies
10.22: Replied to mail about possible work trip to Athens or Larnaca in January
10.23: Drink 2nd mug of coffee
10.30: Attended meeting addressed by the outsourcing company on outsourcing
12:20: Discussion of meeting with my ex office mate
12.42: Personal in depth meeting analysis and plan of action
12.58: Support crises management
13.00: Continue plan of action development
14.35: Drink 3rd mug of coffee
14.39: Played a fun game called "Guess who will remain in this shithole?"
14.47: Went to aiport to buy lotto tickets, bank and buy the new Linux Format
15.30: Visited the returned ex pal who got reallocated and caught up with life
16.42: Drink 4th mug of coffee and update day log

The punchline of the day - I think the company was right my department is actually useless because it can sacrifice a day not getting anything done. But on the other hand it might be the case that I don't deal with day to day issues all that much, which means ... am I out of outsourcing scope?

Self organised work to rule day

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I know this isn't going to help my prospective employment opportunities if it gets read but I feel the need to write. Today I've self declared the day as a "work to rule" day. For those not familiar with the term today I will only do the most urgent bare minimum amount of work possible.

You might be asking why should this good man so devout to his current employment go on such drastic action - well today my ex buddy and department colleague returned back from a 1 year unpaid leave and human resources reallocated him to another department depriving me of any workload share we could have enjoyed together. I am now the only person left from a section of 4 colleagues (1 left and 2 reallocated). My thought of the day - if they don't care about my section why should I care about work.

To make this day memorable, even though there's no reason why it should be, I'm going to log my activities as time goes by:-
7.00 : Alarm triggered, pet and fed my lovable black demons
7.15 : Left to get my better half as her car is at the mechanic
8.10 : Arrived at work in the rain
8.10 - 10.00 (Now) : Reading Java It's so Nineties - BWT, Firefox hacks you must have, Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot, Best of 2005
9.10 : Inserted 4 new users in the Crises Management Application
10.13 : Finished first blog post

Good Reads

Friday, December 9, 2005

I'm not posting too much nowadays and the excuse I'm using with my writing soul is that I'm focusing on doing things rather than writing about doing them. Today I've managed to read longish posts and it was time well spent, so I'll share:-

Software usage update

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Promissing new blog
Nev n Dave - Promising blog with comic strips and good tips

Downloads this week
Firefox 1.5 - Allows tab reordering but invalidates most of your previous extensions
Notepad 2 - Notepad on steroids retaining its speed.

Frustration of the week
Installing Gnome 2.12 from source - It's taking to much time compiling all the dependent libraries required for garnome. Hassle.

Consolidated adoption
Pluck - Moved all my work feeds to pluck. Now I can my work feeds from home. - This makes browsing and juggling between 3 different computers much easier.

Recent abandonment
Evernote - I didn't quite continue using this tool even though it's fantastic. Notepad, (actually Notepad2 now) reigns supreme

Lonely George

Thursday, December 1, 2005

The day has come when my cheerful office sharing mate, which also happens to be my better half, left our department in search for better luck. The change wasn't that drastic moving to a different department in the same company but it still feels strange sharing the office with only a bird.

As a meagre consolation today I played a bit with my Debian installation from where I'm also writing this post. I've learned a couple of things also:-

Debian Packaging 101:-
apt-get install [package-name] => Installs a package
apt-cache search [package-name] => Search for a package in the defined apt sources
dpkg -L [package-name] => List all the files that make up a package (like rpm -ql in Red Hat)
dpkg -l => List all packages

ls -lhSR | grep "[0-9][G|M]" => lists all files sorted by size (-S), recurse through directories (R) keeping only those files in Megabytes of GB. I crafted this to check which files are taking most space in some directories.
cat >> [file] << "EOF" => Open the file for writing (append in this case) and you can enter multiple lines. End the input with EOF.